1. Berliner diaries

    Date 09 Nov 2017
    My second stop this summer was Berlin, where I met up with Eddie. We had been dreaming about coming to the German capital for a while, and our expectations were high. Some were met, some were crushed. We saw a lot of amazing art and met many rude germans; the weather was pretty crappy, but…

  2. The colors of Greece

    Date 27 Oct 2017
    Everybody talks about the beauty of Greek islands - which is undeniable - but the capital and its surroundings was just as exciting to explore. Athens was an effervescent maze of crooked streets overflowing with green balconies, impregnated with a cloying heat, that we hopelessly tried to appease with frozen…

  3. Artist you should know: Mari Andrew

    Date 27 Oct 2017
    I came across Mari Andrew’ work while I was surfing Instagram, like I spend so many hours of my day doing. I stumbled upon one of her illustrations and smiled. So I went in to explore her account, and kept reading, and reading, and scrolling. This rarely happens. As amazing…

  4. Artist you should know: Marcel Mariën

    Date 22 Oct 2017
    Today I’m introducing a new weekly post, where I’ll be sharing with you artists and their work. Some will my favorites, some I’ll have discovered on Instagram that week and some others might be inspiring me at that time. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know these people as much…

  5. 2017 portraits

    Date 19 Oct 2017

  6. Ελληνική περιπέτεια

    Date 19 Oct 2017
    If Greece isn’t on your list of places to go to, I would highly recommend you add it. I had visited Crete a few years ago and already then had been captivated by the blue hues of the Greek waters, rich culture, dry landscapes and warm people. I flew into…

  7. And I’m back!

    Date 07 Oct 2017
    Well, it’s been over a year since I last updated this blog… or website for that matter. A lot of things and a lot of nothing has happened since. After a long period of watching shows and eating junk food instead of listening to my thoughts, I graduated, I found a job…

  8. The Mexican adventure

    Date 13 May 2016
    I wish I could be one of those people that is on the road every month discovering new places, with their exotic perfumes and colors.  Last March, I finally crossed the boarder to visit Mexico. Though things didn’t go as planned, I think we were able to make the most of it.  Mexico City was a bit too…

  9. Sometimes, I shoot food

    Date 21 Apr 2016
    All recipes at Dandolabrasa! 

  10. Thanks again, TED

    Date 22 Jan 2016
    It’s another obsessive Ted Talk day. I always find these so inspiring, comforting and eye opening, that I can’t help but share. Today I came across this speech, at a time where my close graduation and all the questions I get asked about the future are seriously starting to give me anxiety. If…

  11. French Riviera

    Date 19 Jan 2016

  12. Can we talk about the End of Art?

    Date 09 Dec 2015
    Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, it has been a part of humanity for as long as we’ve existed. Mankind has always felt the need to create because Art is fascinating, mysterious, changing and constantly evolving. Some say it might be…

  13. Book Arts

    Date 04 Nov 2015
    Today I want to share with you some new work. I have taken my camera off the neck to go back to my artistic roots: Paper art. I am enrolled in a book arts class and I am loving it so  very much! Working with my hands again and seeing an…

  14. Hello!

    Date 04 Nov 2015
    Haven’t posted anything in a long while!  After saving up some money, I’ve finally treated myself! Last month I purchased an iPhone 5s. What does this mean? I’ve been shooting more to test the camera! I haven’t worked on a photo assignment but I have really enjoyed looking at light and color and using…

  15. Adobe Mix 2.0

    Date 12 Oct 2015
    I’m so excited to share with you this video! Adobe contacted me a few weeks ago to create an image to promote their new app: Mix 2.0. We created this little simple composite as we filmed this fun video. I’m sharing with you 12 hours of filming compressed into less than…

  16. West coast

    Date 16 Sep 2015
    Cool diner, on the road. Capilano Suspension Bridge National park awesomeness. Vancouver sunsets. On the road. A day on Lake Washington. Cheers to chorizo and sunshine. Most amazing architectural space: Seattle’s public library. Most amazing architectural space: Seattle’s public library. Oregon’s giant sand dunes. Ben on top of Oregon’s giant…

  17. The creative stagnation

    Date 09 Jul 2015
    If you’re an artist, professional or amateur, you’ve probably gone through a creative stagnation. Your brain decides to close its factory of ideas and go on vacation somewhere. That’s how I felt for the past few weeks. Dealing with house duties, online classes and a social life has taken most of…

  18. 2015 portraits

    Date 08 Jul 2015

  19. Beautiful adventure

    Date 03 Jul 2015
    I finally took the time to explore the conservatory of flowers a few days ago and what a beautiful place! It’s refreshing to find a little flower paradise in this city. The beautiful façade had always fascinated me but its interior is even more wonderful. I recommend you take a…

  20. Summer goals

    Date 03 Jun 2015
    One of my summer goals this year was to finally learn how to use watercolor. I’ve always admired that medium that is so organic yet surreal. After a few weeks of tutorials and exercises I finally did something I am proud to share with you. Here’s my first portrait. It…

  21. Chema Madoz at Sala Alcala 31

    Date 03 Jun 2015
    Chema Madoz has always been one of my biggest inspirations. His work is mind-blowing. His imagination out worldly and I couldn’t contain the happiness when I heard that he was having a solo exhibition in Madrid, right when I was coming. My mom and I went to check it out…

  22. Summertime!

    Date 26 May 2015
    It’s summer time and the weather is easy.. now that I’m back home in Madrid. It feels nice to wear shorts again and have the time to tan, read, enjoy family and focus on myself.  Here are some snaps of the beautiful sunrise from the plane and the sunset that Madrid welcomed me…

  23. Today’s beautiful light in my living room

    Date 15 May 2015
    Always be on the look out for light and stop to appreciate how beautiful it can be!

  24. Sneak peak

    Date 05 May 2015
    A behind the scenes sneak peak of my new stop motion video. Soon to come! 

  25. Date 08 Apr 2015
    Some more collages for creative fun!

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